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H.W. Wilson Launches Spell Checker for WilsonWeb

Posted Jul 29, 2006
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WilsonWeb's new Spell Checker is one of many new WilsonWeb enhancements recently introduced in response to customer requests.

Spell Checker launches automatically when no results are returned for a search. The feature suggests alternate spellings for proper names, corporate names and any other words that produce no hits. Clicking on the suggestion launches an automatic search.

More than a simple dictionary, Spell Checker draws its terms from all the terms in the records of the database being searched. Also referenced are the latest names in the news, as well as far-flung people, places, corporations, slang and jargon.

Other new WilsonWeb enhancements include new "Subject Pathfinder" links at the top of results screens that allow users to search subtopics of their original search or search broader topics at a click. A "Search Builder" tool on the redesigned Search History screen now lets users combine past searches, refine searches or create new searches.

In addition, the layout of other WilsonWeb screens has been refined, with more prominent buttons and links that make WilsonWeb tools more accessible.

H.W. Wilson, 800/367-6770 or

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