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H.W. Wilson Introduces Current Issues: Environment

Posted Nov 26, 2008
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H.W. Wilson has announced Current Issues: Environment, a new reference database  that serves as an "information hub" based on the company's Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus and Current Issues: Health databases.


The new resource delivers examinations of such topics as Deforestation, Sustainable Agriculture, Clean Energy, Environmental Philosophy, Habitat Preservation, Invasive Species, and other important issues--more than 50 to start, plus a minimum of 10 new topics per year. Each topic includes 25 to 30 in-depth articles from popular and scholarly publications, picked by Wilson editors to offer a solid grounding on the issues, answer key questions, and examine controversies from multiple perspectives, the announcement states.


The database is structured to help students narrow broad interests into focus on specific issues, for more substantive and defined term papers and presentations. Clean Energy, for example, gathers articles into the subtopics Clean Energy Defined, Clean Energy and Government Involvement, Clean Energy Innovations, Challenges in Clean Energy, and The Future of Clean Energy. Editor introductions offer further help in defining subjects, delivering vital background information and explanations of the importance of the subtopics.


Leading sources such as Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Smithsonian, National Geographic, The Atlantic Monthly, and many others are represented among the articles. Users can view articles in plain text or choose PDF page images for access to any graphical content accompanying the article.


New and updated information on each subtopic is provided via links to WilsonWeb searches. Clicking "More Full Text Articles" or "More Citations" links on the main articles page retrieves articles and citations from any of more than 4,200 journals indexed daily by the WilsonWeb database service. Additional information is provided with links to authoritative Web sites selected by Wilson editors. Users can also launch an automatic Google search on each subtopic, with a single click direct from the WilsonWeb interface.


As with all Current Issues databases, users choose topics from a colorful graphical selection screen designed to engage the interest of students and young researchers. A convenient "Find" box is also present, which lets users search the entire database for articles matching any topic of interest. Solar technology, for example, may be covered in many subtopics on the database. The "Find" box locates them all.


Free 30-day trials of Current Issues: Environment are available. Visit for more information.


Source: H.W. Wilson,

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