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H.W. Wilson Announces 16th Edition of Fiction Core Collection

Posted Jan 6, 2010
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H.W. Wilson has announced the new 16th Edition of Fiction Core Collection (formerly Fiction Catalog), a long-popular aid to collection development and maintenance, readers' advisory, and general reference. The new edition highlights more than 11,300 novels for adult readers, including analytic entries for novellas and novels published in composite works. Entries provide practical information for acquisitions librarians and collection managers: complete bibliographic data, price, descriptive annotations, and evaluative quotations from reviews when available. Both literary quality and popularity of the works were taken into account in preparing this up-to-date guide.

A standard in libraries for more than 60 years, Fiction Core Collection encompasses classic and contemporary works written in or translated into English, with the aim of representing a core list for libraries. Besides general fiction, the editor and advisors have made an extensive review of genre fiction--mystery, romance, westerns, and science fiction in particular--providing helpful core lists in those areas. Listings include both hardcover and paperback books.

Of the 11,300 titles in Fiction Core Collection, 16th Edition, close to 2,700 are new books published in the four years since the last edition (or older titles recommended by Wilson advisors). Also new in this edition: an asterisk in the bibliographic record (following the ISBN) identifies the most highly recommended titles. From 2011 through 2013, Fiction Core Collection, 16th Edition will be updated with three annual supplements (at no extra cost to subscribers), highlighting approximately 2,000 new titles.

The titles in this volume have been selected with the help of experienced librarians from select public library systems across the U.S.. Their choices reflect both reader interest and an evaluation of each book.

Fiction Core Collection is also available online as a WilsonWeb database, where it is continuously updated with new material and can be searched for "What's new?" at any time. WilsonWeb (the H.W. Wilson Company's reference database service), also allows searching in conjunction with other H.W. Wilson Core Collections, plus a host of other conveniences to aid in collection development, readers' advisory, and curriculum support.

Review copies are available. For more on the Wilson Core Collections, visit

Source: H.W. Wilson,

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