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H. W. Wilson Releases Tenth Edition of Middle & Junior High Core Collection

Posted Sep 18, 2009
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The H.W. Wilson Company has announced a new Tenth Edition of Middle  & Junior High Core Collection (formerly Middle & Junior High School Library Catalog), the latest edition of its collection development resource for school libraries in print since 1965. This new edition lists over 8,000 recommended books, 2,000 more than the previous edition. It also features "short list" indicators for the "most highly recommended" works and more specific grade levels indicators than the previous edition.


Middle & Junior High Core Collection, Tenth Edition lists works of fiction and nonfiction for readers in grades 5 through 9, plus resources for the school librarian or media specialist, and represents a basic collection for middle and junior high schools. Entries provide complete bibliographic data and descriptive and critical annotations. More than three quarters of the titles listed are new in this edition, the remainder representing classics and other standard works.


The new edition features broad revisions in the areas of crafts; terrorism and international security; environment and global warming; diseases and medicine; and religion. Works for the librarian and media specialist have also been expanded to include bibliographies and other resources for the selection and evaluation of library materials, and works on library management and programming, library building design, and the use of the internet in instruction.


This Core Collection is compiled with the assistance of distinguished librarians representing a diversity of backgrounds in librarianship for young people and a wealth of experience on national juries and American Library Association committees.


Middle & Junior High Core Collection is also available as a WilsonWeb database online, where it is continuously updated with new material and can be searched for "What's new?" at any time. WilsonWeb—the H.W. Wilson Company's reference database service—also allows searching in conjunction with other H.W. Wilson Core Collections, searching by grade level, and a host of other conveniences to aid in collection development, readers' advisory, and curriculum support.


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