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GoGuardian Launches Digital Classroom Solution

Posted Sep 9, 2015
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GoGuardian, a provider of Chromebook management and protection software for schools, has announced the public launch of GoGuardian for Teachers. GoGuardian for Teachers is a Chromebook-based application that allows teachers to maximize the benefits of digital learning in their classrooms, the announcement states.

As schools across the nation move toward 1:1 programs--named for their mission to give each student his or her own device for classwork and homework--parents and educators are looking for tangible improvements in learning outcomes. Educators and legislators have invested attention and resources into 1:1 programs, citing their potential to close the achievement gap and improve education outcomes for all students. Educators agree that the execution of 1:1 programs determines whether they will have the intended impact which makes the incorporation of devices into classrooms paramount to the success of 1:1 programs.

GoGuardian for Teachers allows teachers to better understand and control the way Chromebooks are used in their classrooms. From a user-friendly portal, teachers are able keep students focused on lessons and resources, direct students to new tabs, and close off-topic tabs on one or multiple devices with the click of a mouse. GoGuardian for Teachers aids classroom focus and communication between teachers and students, increasing the value of other in-class software without interfering with their use.

Features include:

  • Screen Viewer – live stream of students’ screens in a single window

  • Activity Timeline – real-time and historic insight into when, where, and how students are using devices

  • Tab Control – instantly send one or more students to a specific website in a new tab

  • Attention Mode – close tabs, darken screens, or lock devices for “eyes up front” focus

Teachers cited “the ability to track student progress” and “turn classwork assignments into realtime learning experiences.” Teachers also said the insights GoGuardian for Teachers provides creates an “interactive, continuous learning and feedback dynamic,” facilitating “better communication and guidance” between educators and students.

GoGuardian’s first product, GoGuardian for Administrators, provides schools with advanced student safety and device management tools. GoGuardian for Teachers fundamentally changes the educational value of each Chromebook used in schools. By providing educators with an easy-to-use platform that lets them engage with students and promote responsible digital citizenship, they are able to discover how students best learn and adapt to meet their needs.

 Source: GoGuardian,

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