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Ginger Software Expands Capabilities of Text Correction Tool

Posted Dec 16, 2009
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Ginger Software, Inc. has announced the latest release of Ginger, a context-based text correction tool. Ginger now works with Internet Explorer, enabling students to write with confidence online. In addition, Ginger features customizable settings, and progress reporting to track mistakes and illustrate student progress.

Ginger is designed for all students, including those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and English language learners. Compatible with Microsoft Word and Outlook, and now Internet Explorer, Ginger automatically corrects misused words, incorrect grammar, and spelling mistakes. Ginger deciphers unusual spelling mistakes and corrects multiple errors within a sentence simultaneously, allowing students to work more efficiently, according to the announcement. Through Internet Explorer, students can now write with confidence in e-mail applications like Gmail, and on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The new version of Ginger is also more accessible, providing customizable interface settings. Students can change display attributes such as background color and font style to complement their abilities and preferences. For example, a user with low vision may want to enlarge the text size, whereas a student who is color-blind may prefer a different background color. Text-to-speech functionality available through Ginger Premium enables users to hear sentences before and after correction, as well as alternate corrections and their definitions. Speech settings allow students to change the speed, volume and voice used. In addition, an "add to dictionary" feature now enables students to add words that are not already included in the dictionary, such as names.

Ginger helps students learn from their mistakes, by highlighting spelling and grammar errors, and offering alternate contextual options. In addition, progress reporting available through Ginger Premium allows teachers and students to identify problem areas. Reports contain statistical analyses of the most frequent errors, listing them in two categories: as spelling mistakes, or grammar mistakes and misused words. The number of words and sentences corrected, and a list of repeatedly misspelled words also is provided. Through the reports, teachers can identify student needs, track their progress, and personalize instruction in response.

Ginger and Ginger Premium are both offered through an annual subscription, which includes updates and upgrades released during that period. School subscriptions start at $145 for three workstations, with volume and multiple-year subscription discounts available. 

To download a free trial of Ginger or Ginger Premium, visit

Source: Ginger Software, Inc.,

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