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Gepeto Launches Animated Story Creation App

Posted Nov 18, 2014
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Gepeto has announced the launch of its Gepeto app, a program that helps kids create animated stories using puppets. The app gives children the ability to craft their own animated stories directly on the iPad. The Gepeto app lets consumers create narratives just by using intuitive puppet gestures and proprietary technology.

Gepeto is an interactive story builder that allows kids to make their own stories using any 2D or 3D images and animations, essentially giving a personal “green screen” that can be used anywhere. Through this app there’s also the ability to control characters using puppets while mimicking their natural play.

The Gepeto app aims to encourage kids to use digital media in a creative and useful way. With Gepeto, kids will not only be able exercise their creativity, but they will learn valuable media skills that can be foundational in how they navigate an increasingly digital landscape, the announcement states.

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