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GenevaLogic Introduces Key Pad Access to Vision Classroom Management Software

Posted Apr 6, 2007
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GenevaLogic has announced the launch of the Vision Teach-Pad, an enhancement to GenevaLogic's Vision classroom management software.

Vision is the first classroom management software to introduce push-button access to its most frequently used capabilities, the announcement states. Using a button on the Vision Teach-Pad, teachers share their computer screens with the entire class. Then using another button, they blank all student computer screens and lock the keyboards to secure student attention for a lesson. The Vision Teach-Pad also allows teachers to lock and unlock student Internet access with the touch of a button.

The Vision Class Kit includes a Vision Teach-Pad and two popular plug-ins, App-Control and Surf·Lock2. The Vision Class Kit is available for $999 per lab or classroom, with a limit of two per school.

In addition, the Vision School Kit and Vision School Kit Plus now include three Vision Teach-Pads for schools with fewer than 1,000 students ($3,999 per school) and five for schools with 1,000 or more students ($4,499 per school) at no additional cost.

The Vision School Kit includes school-wide licenses for Vision6, App-Control, SurfLock2 and Pointer. Teacher training materials are also included in this package. With the Vision School Kit Plus, schools customize their classroom management software system by adding either Protect-On2 for student desktop security or Print-Limit Pro for school-wide print management.

Individual Vision Teach-Pads are $79.

Source: GenevaLogic,

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