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GenevaLogic Debuts New Classroom Computer Management Software

Posted Feb 7, 2007
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GenevaLogic now offers three new education kits designed to provide individual classrooms and entire schools with classroom management tools for effective computer teaching.

The Vision Class Kit, the Vision School Kit, and the Vision School Kit Plus are based on Vision6, the latest version of GenevaLogic's classroom management software. The programs help teachers manage, control, and optimize the use of technology to support instruction.

The Vision Class Kit includes the newest edition of Vision and two plug-ins, App-Control and Surf-Lock2. App-Control helps teachers keep an entire class learning together by remotely launching applications on all student computers. Surf-Lock2 allows teachers to turn browsing capabilities on or off from their computer, give students access only to selected Web sites that support instruction, and stop or limit Web browsing instantly for a single student or the entire class. The price is $999 per classroom or lab, with a limit of two per school.

The Vision School Kit provides classroom management software tools to multiple classrooms or computer labs. The kit includes school-wide licenses for Vision6, App-Control, SurfLock2, and Pointer (a plug-in that allows teachers to annotate text or graphics on the computer while teaching). Teacher training materials are also included. A site license is priced at $3,999 for schools with less than 1,000 students and $4,499 for schools with 1,000 or more students.

The Vision School Kit Plus package allows schools to customize classroom management software systems by adding Protect-On2 for student desktop security or Print-Limit Pro for school-wide print management. Using Protect-On, teachers can save and restore the original configuration of classroom computers, avoiding viruses or unwanted downloads with a quick restart. Print-Limit Pro manages printing across large multi-platform environments. A site license for schools with less than 1,000 students is $4,999. The cost is $5,999 for schools with 1,000 or more students.

GenevaLogic, 866/725-7833 or

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