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Gale Announces New iPhone Application for School Libraries

Posted May 18, 2010
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Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced the launch of AccessMyLibrary School Edition, a mobile application for the iPhone.

In December 2009, Gale launched its first iPhone application, helping iPhone users find their local public library. The new K-12 version allows students to find their local school library - (grade schools, middle schools and high schools) and access the vast array of Gale resources the school library has purchased on their behalf. Students can use the application to locate their school and then will be required to authenticate for the school year, using a password provided by the school.

"With this new AccessMyLibrary iPhone application, the school library is available anytime remotely, helping to make library resources even more easily accessible," said John Barnes, Gale's executive vice president of strategic marketing and business development. "This application is making research accessible to students in the way they prefer to learn, taking advantage of the latest technology. Students are able to access their school's Gale databases in order to finish homework, work on a project or do research."

Using sources including magazines, journals, and newspapers, students can research a variety of topics including:

* Environment - unearth facts on conservation and sustainability

* Biographies - discover the stories of remarkable people of yesterday and today

* Career choices - uncover interesting career paths and industries

* Literature - read commentary, criticism and context on literary works and their authors

* Science - find current, credible research and experiments that allow for first-hand experience

* History - explore past events and their impact in shaping the world of today

The AML School Edition app can be downloaded at the iTunes store. The iPhone application is free, and the content is paid for by the school that is accessed. Also available at the iTunes store, is the AML public library application.

Source: Gale-Cengage,

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