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GTCO CalComp Announces InterWrite PRS Software Version 4.0

Posted May 25, 2006
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GTCO CalComp has announced the release of InterWrite PRS Software version 4.0 for Windows and MAC OS X, for use with the company's InterWrite PRS Systems. InterWrite PRS 4.0 supports InterWrite PRS-RF, the newest addition to the company's line of student response systems, as well as existing InterWrite PRS infrared systems.

When used with InterWrite PRS-RF, the latest PRS software gives teachers the broadest range of question types. The tool enables instructors to ask advanced numeric questions that include positive and negative numbers, decimal points, and fractions, in addition to multiple choice, rank order, multiple correct and even short answer question types. The new PRS software also allows teachers to instantly create rosters with its self-registration feature, and gives educators more flexibility in how they structure their classes with the new Self-Paced and Homework modes. InterWrite PRS 4.0 software supports both the infrared and radio-frequency models of PRS. 

Features of the newly released InterWrite PRS 4.0 Software include the following:

* Support for the new radio-frequency PRS RF clicker devices.
* Capability for Multiple Question Types, including numeric with decimal points, fractions, and positive and negative numbers; multiple choice; true false; rank order; multiple correct; and short answer.
* Capability to handle large classrooms up to 2,000 students with one receiver hub.* Support for self-paced testing, allowing students to scroll through a series of questions and answer at their own pace.
* New Homework Mode feature, allowing students to prepare answers at home, return clickers to the teacher with their answers saved, and then download students' answers into PRS.
* Non-PRS grades can now be added to the PRS Gradebook.
* Letter Grade and Percentage Grade displays have been added to the Gradebook.

InterWrite PRS software, available for both the Windows and Mac OS X operating environments, is included free with the company's new InterWrite PRS RF and existing infrared (IR) systems. Software updates are free to existing users and can be downloaded at In addition, customers can receive free training for InterWrite PRS via online video tutorials or live online training sessions conducted via WebEx at

Source: GTCO CalComp,

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