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FrontRow Introduces Next Generation of Front Row ToGo Sound System for Classrooms

Posted Dec 20, 2006
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FrontRow has announced the introduction of the next generation of its ToGo sound system for classrooms. New advances include OptiVoice — a method of boosting student listening ability — and a design that's free of materials harmful to the environment. Over 2,000 US school districts already using the current FrontRow ToGo model to help student attention, comprehension, behavior, and test scores.

FrontRow ToGo is an all-in-one sound system that clarifies and evenly distributes the teacher's voice throughout the classroom — allowing students to more easily understand teachers regardless of where they're seated, the announcement states. A teacher using ToGo wears a wireless microphone, and his or her voice is broadcast through the ToGo speaker column. Key research studies have shown significant improvement in student attention, behavior, and test scores in classrooms using the technology. In addition, teachers experience significantly fewer episodes of laryngitis because FrontRow ToGo lets them teach while using a normal voice level, according to the announcement.

FrontRow ToGo delivers these benefits to students and teachers with a single multi-speaker unit, requiring little set-up and excellent portability. In addition, FrontRow ToGo is the most environmentally-friendly product of its kind, manufactured using a lead-free process, the announcement states.

FrontRow ToGo's price is US$899. A typical system includes a wireless microphone for the teacher, a receiver/speaker unit, and a charger. A pass-around microphone for student participation and a carrying bag are also available.

Source: FrontRow,

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