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Front Row Education, Inc. Expands Product Offerings, Launches English Language Arts Program

Posted Sep 29, 2015
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Front Row Education, Inc. has launched Front Row ELA, a new reading comprehension program for first through eighth grade classrooms. Known for their math application launched in 2013, Front Row has now expanded their adaptive, gamified, and data-driven program into the language arts. With a focus on differentiated learning, Front Row ELA provides teachers key tools to help their students improve their reading comprehension skills, regardless of their proficiency level. Over 300 articles are available for use today, with hundreds more scheduled to be added in the coming months.

To begin the program, students to take a short diagnostic test, which consists of three reading passages followed by a related set of questions. Based on how the student answers the first set of questions, they are provided the next passage at an increased or decreased level of difficulty. By the end, teachers are provided a recommended level for that student to begin. The program starts by offering passages and subsequent questions on one of the 60 topics a teacher can choose from. These range from Jackie Robinson to hurricanes to the first moon landing, and are designed to fit with lessons already being taught in class. As with the initial diagnostic test, student will receive increasingly difficult passages and questions that move them forward in their reading comprehension skills.

For more information on Front Row ELA or to sign-up, visit

Source: Front Row Education, Inc.,

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