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Front Row Education Adds Inquiry Based Lessons To Expanding Line-Up of Classroom Resources

Posted Sep 1, 2015
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Front Row Education, Inc. has added Inquiry Based Lessons to its growing number of online math tools. These new lessons provide students an entirely new way to learn math through solving real-world problems.

The Front Row Inquiry Based Lessons are a one-of-a-kind tool that is designed to engage students in mathematical concepts that go beyond simply presenting an equation that needs to be solved, the announcement states. The lessons connect math to real world situations that need solutions. Students determine the best way to approach these problems in small groups, providing them the opportunity to explore these problems fully. Each group then presents their thinking behind the solution, which is open to critique from the rest of the class to expand upon and improve each others reasoning.

The Front Row team developed these Inquiry Based Lessons by presenting an initial concept across four schools, and applying both direct feedback and observations into subsequent versions of the technology. They continued this testing period over the course of three months, to more than 150 students and 10 teachers. This broad feedback was incorporated into the more than 70 lessons that are available today.

These lessons include learning addition and subtraction by researching medal totals from past Olympics, fractions by studying the African jungle with an animal researcher, and area and perimeter through a story about Gold Rush miners settling landplots.

For more information on Front Row Inquiry Based Lessons, visit

Source: Front Row,

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