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Free Resources: Classroom Resources From TeacherVision

Posted Aug 22, 2007
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TeacherVision has announced the free availability of more than 15,000 pages of printable lesson plans, worksheets and classroom management ideas at its TeacherVision Web site. Plus, teachers can build on the excitement around the release of the final Harry Potter book with TeacherVision's new Harry Potter lesson plans, activities and quizzes - all designed to maximize teachable moments presented by "Harry Potter Mania."

With the lesson plans, worksheets, printables, quizzes and classroom activities on TeacherVision's back-to-school teacher resource page <>, teachers will find tips for managing the classroom, with templates for printable hall passes and student award certificates, as well as a wide variety of printable and online quizzes and student/teacher assessments and many other instructional tools. The classroom icebreakers available on TeacherVision give teachers creative ways to help their students get to know each other and start the school year off right with an atmosphere of fun and understanding, the announcement states.

TeacherVision also offers resources for building the teacher-parent connection, with tips for planning an open house, a guide to parent-teacher relations and resources for hosting successful parent-teacher conferences. A growing collection of ready-to-use printable graphic organizers and world maps <> on TeacherVision helps teachers integrate visual learning into instruction. Or teachers can use the bulletin board resources to develop interesting and educational displays for their classrooms.

Using TeacherVision's new Harry Potter Activities for Back to School <>, teachers can build on students' enthusiasm for the series and interest new readers with lesson plans for creative activities, such as making a Harry Potter board game. Or students can learn more about Harry and the other wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by reading reviews of the books, interviews with the author and other resources available now on TeacherVision.

Source: TeacherVision,

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