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Follett Unveils Lightbox — Interactive Multimedia Springboard for PreK-12 Learning

Posted Aug 13, 2015
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Follett has unveiled Lightbox, a fully interactive, multi-dimensional interface for PreK-12 teachers looking to improve student engagement, comprehension, vocabulary and literacy development. Designed with digital natives and the way they learn in mind, Lightbox supports instructors with varied approaches to teaching topics, while its built-in tools create a student-centered learning experience for even the most disengaged students, according to the announcement.

Lightbox is easy to use, affordable, aligned to state standards and can supplement any science, social studies or reading strategy/literacy program, the announcement states. Its objective is to stimulate students’ keen interest and immersion in a topic that ultimately leads to deeper mastery of the subject.

While national surveys show students spend an average of 8 minutes with a traditional ebook, Follett pilot districts are telling the company that their students are spending an average of 45 minutes in a Lightbox topic.

Cotton Creek School, part of Wauconda Community Unit School District #118 in Island Lake, Ill., was among the districts to pilot Lightbox. “My students were very excited and motivated to use Lightbox,” said Susan Fluger, fourth-grade teacher. “They were engaged and enjoyed sharing their discoveries with one another.”

Lightbox delivers market-leading multimedia content from multiple sources in a single interface available on any device. For instance, if a class is studying glaciers, all elements of the lesson on the topic are aligned to the standards and built right into Lightbox, including:

· Audio: High-quality narration using an advanced text-to-speech system to boost student comprehension

· Video: Embedded high-definition video clips to make learning come alive

· Activities: Printable PDFs that can be emailed and graded, ideal for assessing student progress

· Weblinks: Carefully curated links to external, child-safe resources to enhance learning

· Slideshows: Pictorial overviews of key concepts to engage and inspire visual learners

· Google Maps: Interactive maps and satellite imagery to provide context

· Quizzes: Multiple choice assessments that are automatically graded and emailed for teacher review

· Key Words: Highlighted important terms matched with their definitions to enhance vocabulary and understanding

Textbooks, ebooks and other resources are supplemented with core content from renowned video providers, Google Maps, library collections in Follett Destiny Library Manager, and For more information or to purchase Lightbox, visit

Source: Follett,

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