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Follett Software Unveils Cognite, New Digital Learning Environment

Posted Jun 28, 2010
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Follett Software Company has announced the release of the Cognite digital learning environment.  Cognite integrates discovery tools, retrieval, collaboration and communication with the goal of creating a vibrant experience where K-12 students excel.

Cognite is designed to help organize the K-12 classroom by giving teachers the opportunity to spend more quality time with their students. The product will serve as a key liaison in helping teachers develop and disseminate lesson plans, create assignments, grade projects and communicate with parents and students from anywhere at any time. It offers parents an easy-to-access place where they can stay informed about their child's progress in real time with information on assignments, grades and class activities.

According to the announcement, as a discovery tool Cognite helps students:

Find and use educational materials at any time of the day, from the classroom or at home

Collaborate easily with teachers and each other, promoting idea sharing

Get excited about learning in an interactive, user-friendly environment

Develop 21st century learning skills, including critical thinking, research and problem solving abilities

For more information about Cognite, visit, where a video - Cognite: Your Digital Learning Environment - is available for viewing.

The Cognite launch coincides with Follett Software's 25th anniversary, and the introduction of a redesigned website - plus a new brand initiative that identifies Follett as a "digitally powered integrated educational technology company."

Source: Follett Software Company,

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