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Follett Software Company Unveils Destiny 10.1

Posted Apr 17, 2012
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Follett Software Company has released Destiny 10.1, with new features for the K-12 software product that will allow customers to perform more efficiently and connect with their students in an entirely new way, according to the announcement.

Highlights of the 10.1 release include Destiny's integration with Titlewave - the collection development and management tool from Follett Library Resources - and Aspen - Follett Software's student information system (SIS). FollettShelf integration allows student to have an enhanced ebook reading experience anywhere, anytime by reading a Follett ebook on a tablet or downloading it to a personal computer.

Here is a closer look at Destiny 10.1 features:

* Integration with Titlewave: Direct connection with Titlewave gives customers an easy way to order the new materials they need from Follett and to import MARC records into Destiny seamlessly. Also, with Titlewave, customers are able to see a complete view of their order history and have the ability to analyze and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in their library collection. Plus, customers can now submit data from Destiny to TitleWise - a comprehensive online collection analysis tool from Follett Library Resources that analyzes data in the customer's collection and helps identify its strengths and weaknesses. Data can be submitted without having to download from Destiny and then upload to Titlewave, thus dramatically enhancing the ease for performing regular collection analysis.

* Direct integration with Aspen: Aspen gives districts the opportunity to house all of their student data, easily find it, report on it, analyze it and use it to the fullest extent. The Destiny integration allows Aspen users to search and access Destiny resources from the newly introduced Aspen Curriculum and Learning.

* Better ebook reading experience for students: Direct integration between Destiny and FollettShelf lets students browse their library's Follett eBook collection, check out using the free Digital Reader app and read their Follett eBooks - anytime, anywhere - from their own tablet devices or personal computers.

* New social media features: Students can now post or share links to items in Destiny to Facebook or Twitter.

* Complete a search of your district's assets in record time: Advanced searching capability in Destiny Asset Manager 10.1 allows customers to expand their search criteria for assets by department, home location, funding source, custodians and purchase price.

Source: Follett Software Company,

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