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Follett Releases InfoCentre 3.0

Posted Oct 25, 2007
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Follett Software Company has announced the release or InfoCentre 3.0. The latest version of InfoCentre makes it easier to deal with grade and homeroom circulation, lost copies and fines, the announcement states. It also gives users access to powerful optional services from Follett Software.

The new version of InfoCentre automatically creates Grade and Homeroom lists based on the values in a school’s patron records. Users can then specify grade or homeroom values simply by picking them from a list. Version 3.0 also lets users keep track of previously lost books that have been returned or paid for, and lets them quickly see the estimated fine for an overdue copy. Additional features include the following:

* Follett Remote Support: Users can now update InfoCentre’s circulation records with circulation transactions logged with Follett Remote. Follett Remote lets users continue to perform many tasks offline if they lose their Internet connection or their InfoCentre server becomes unavailable. Users can circulate library materials or textbooks, conduct transactions in classrooms or bookmobiles, and take inventory with a workstation that has no Internet connection.
* Support for WebPath Express: WebPath Express is an Enriched Content Subscription from Follett Software Company that provides over 73,000 K-12 relevant, safe, and age-appropriate Web sites. These quality sites are hand-picked by educators and verified for factual accuracy and objectivity. New sites are continually added, and are updated and monitored routinely to ensure content remains appropriate. After updating InfoCentre with WebPath Express, patrons can find and view these Web sites simply by searching the library's catalog.
* Misshelved Copy Management: The new Misshelved Copies report makes it easier to identify misshelved copies. Once books are inventoried in the order that they appear on the shelf, the report automatically identifies copies inventoried out of call number order. To help users locate misshelved items on the shelf, InfoCentre also lists the copies shelved immediately before and after each misshelved item.

Source: Follett Software Company,

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