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Follett Introduces New Destiny Offering

Posted Mar 1, 2006
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Follett Software Company has announced the introduction of a new product, Destiny Asset Manager, designed, according to the announcement, to enable school districts to optimize millions of dollars worth of fixed and portable assets.

Destiny Asset Manager uses a browser-based interface and scanner technology to keep track of all of a district's fixed and portable assets, making sure districts get the most value for their budget investment. The product was designed to meet the specific asset management needs of K-12 school districts.

Destiny Asset Manager keeps track of all relevant information—a detailed description, where it's housed, who has it now, when it's due back—including a picture of the asset. The information is available to any authorized user in your district with access to a browser. Site-based staff and administrators can search for items located at their school or elsewhere in the district. District staff can locate, manage, and circulate assets, and prepare inventories and reports.

Use of Destiny Asset Manager allows districts to streamline operations and save budget dollars in several ways, the announcement states:

• Reduces lost and stolen inventory: Destiny makes it easy to keep track of the location and movement of assets.
• Maximize asset use: No more wasted budget dollars ordering duplicate assets that can be shared instead.
• Fast and inexpensive to implement: Destiny is installed centrally at the district; users access it with any browser-equipped computer.
• Eliminates multiple applications: Destiny eliminates the need for multiple software and labeling systems to manage assets.
• Generate state and county reports: Destiny gives district administrators the data they need to complete state, county, federal, and other reports. This type of information is critical for compliance with GASB requirements.

Destiny Asset Manager is part of the Destiny Resource Management Solution, an integrated suite of browser-based applications that help centralize and streamline the management of key instructional resources and assets, allowing K-12 districts to reallocate staff and financial resources to student learning. Destiny Asset Manager joins the Destiny Resource Management Solution suite: Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Textbook Manager, and Destiny Media Manager. Any Destiny component can be implemented either as a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with other Destiny modules.

Source: Follett Software Company,

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