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Follett Introduces Enhancements To Destiny Resource Management Solution

Posted Jul 7, 2006
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Follett Software Company has announced version 6.5 of its Destiny Resource Management Solution, featuring enhancements that make the product even better adapted to the specific needs of K-12 districts, according to the announcement.

Destiny v6.5 introduces a number of features to make it faster and easier to centralize the control of district educational resources, improving student outcomes and enjoying significant budget savings, the announcement states.

Improvements include the following:

* Destiny Library Manager: The flagship product in the suite lets K-12 districts offer complete library management services to all schools from a single installation via any supported Web browser. It also offers tools to help connect the library and the classroom. Destiny Library Manager now supports interlibrary loans more efficiently, adding the ability to automatically route materials and view the status of requests. It allows users to quickly search for materials between multiple district sites, encouraging greater collaboration between sites. Schools using Destiny now have the option to add their own subject tags to support the way they teach searching skills.

Districts can enhance Destiny Library Manager's functionality with a number of integrated services. One of these, WebPath Express, lets students search for information from a database of more than 100,000 links to K-12 relevant, educator-approved Web sites. WebPath Express may now be chosen as a separate search within Destiny Library Manager, allowing for more focused online searches.

* Destiny Textbook Manager: This system gives districts and schools total control of their textbook inventory, increasing accessibility and accountability. Textbooks can now be circulated to any student in the district from any site in the district, making it easier to track books issued to students who move within the district during the year. Users also now have access to a searchable online database of textbook records, making cataloging faster and more accurate.

* Destiny Media Manager: Destiny Media Manager is one of the first browser-based solutions that allows teachers to search for, reserve, and track all kinds of district instructional media, including software, videos, activity kits, manipulatives, and more. Users can now search district media and library collections at the same time in an integrated search, with a one hit list returned.

* Destiny Asset Manager: Follett recently expanded Destiny with Asset Manager, which provides browser-based tracking and management of all of a district's fixed and portable assets. The system optimizes access, availability, and use of assets, and improves asset accountability throughout the district. Destiny Asset Manager helps districts improve their control of vital assets such as laptops, PDAs, AV equipment, band instruments, maintenance equipment, and more.

* Destiny Resource Management Solution: Follett is also rolling out a number of enhancements to the general Destiny interface that unifies all the applications. For instance, the history of fines assessed to students is now easily viewed and summarized, and users can generate a fine cash-flow history report. Destiny also now supports integration with LDAP. These and other improvements are designed to make district-wide management of educational resources faster and less labor-intensive.

Source: Follett Software Company,

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