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Follett Acquires Sagebrush Corporation’s Library Automation Business

Posted Jul 27, 2006
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Follett Software Company and Sagebrush Corporation have announced that Follett has acquired Sagebrush Corporation's library automation business including Accent, InfoCentre, Athena, and Spectrum.

The Follett Announcement
The Sagebrush library automation business will initially operate under the Sagebrush name as a subsidiary of Follett Software Company and over time will be integrated into Follett Software Company.

In a statement in the Follett announcement, Tom Schenck, CEO of Follett Software Company, said, "Our highest priorities are to ensure that the transition from Sagebrush to Follett is seamless and simple and to keep our new customers involved and informed throughout the integration process. Consequently, as we make any future changes to the Sagebrush product line, we will work closely with our new Sagebrush customers to make the timing of upgrades to new technology as easy and seamless as possible."

The Sagebrush Announcement

Sagebrush Corporation's announcement stated that Sagebrush Books, Sagebrush Library Services, and Sagebrush Viewpoint will continue as a new separate company to be headed by Bob Hebrink as CEO and Margo Osadchuk as senior vice president. Jim Zicarelli, former CEO of Sagebrush Corporation will continue with the new company as a member of its board of directors.

Under Hebrink's new leadership, the company will focus on its core competencies of book services and library services to its business partners. As well, the company will focus on continued growth in the area of information management for districts with its Viewpoint product.

Sagebrush Books offers more than 500,000 titles of all binding types including high-quality pre-bounds. The company also offers online full text reviews and AR quizzes.

Sagebrush Library Services is focused on the cataloging and processing needs of K-12 schools and libraries, and its Dewey Sears database is known for its quality cataloging in the industry and contains nearly a million MARC records.

Sagebrush Viewpoint is a data warehouse and management tool for school districts. Viewpoint provides teachers, principals and administrators with a single intuitive view of data consolidated from multiple district sources, from student information systems and state standards assessment to human resources and finance..

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