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Follet Unveils ‘Managed Services’ Offering

Posted Oct 5, 2015
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Follett has announced it is unveiling a new offering –Managed Services – directed at administrators and designed to help districts eliminate both routine and seasonal tasks involved in managing resources, ultimately saving significant time, money and space.

Follett’s Managed Services enables districts to:

* efficiently locate, count and barcode school assets by using Follett’s team of experts to execute physical inventory and barcoding projects;

* quickly order, receive, reconcile and distribute new resources within a district with new product deployment services;

* effectively open, close or relocate schools and libraries with facility management services;

* utilize Follett’s state-of-the-art warehouse as a scalable warehousing solution for the short- and long-term storage of district resources; and

* solve current issues and proactively avoid future problems by building sustainable practices to ensure district policies are followed and investments are maximized.

In select markets where Follett has rolled out the new service, the results have been striking, according to the announcement. One such example is Community United School District 300 (D300) in Algonquin, Ill., which two years ago witnessed one of its schools lose as much as $100,000 in textbooks in just 12 months.

With the help of Follett's Managed Services, D300's textbook management is now running on all cylinders. After an initial consulting phase, Follett’s Managed Services team took a physical inventory of every book in the school and barcoded copies that needed barcode labels. The district then took advantage of Follett’s Warehousing Services and relocated the majority of books in their district warehouse to Follett’s facility. The district now operates as a lean organization that knows what they own, who is responsible for it, and where it is located.

The same school that experienced significant textbook setbacks lost only one book during the year following Follett’s involvement. Overall, the district has saved more than $500,000 and Harkin predicts savings of at least $200,000 annually moving forward.

Source: Follett,

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