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Florida Virtual Partners with Blackboard to Improve Virtual School Experience for Its Students

Posted Jan 21, 2010
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Blackboard Inc. and the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) have announced a partnership to work to establish Blackboard Learn as the school's online learning platform in an effort to improve the virtual school experience for students.

Blackboard supports a growing number of statewide and district-based virtual schools nationwide. Under the agreement, FLVS will move all of its more than 100 courses to a fully hosted Blackboard Learn platform by the beginning of 2011.

FLVS serves students not just in Florida but in 44 states and 39 different countries, many of whom are able to access core subjects, electives, foreign languages, and honors and Advanced Placement classes that may not be offered at their own school or district. Based on current trends, FLVS expects to significantly increase its enrollments in the next year.

Prior to the agreement, FLVS had already been leveraging Blackboard technology to support its online professional development programs for teachers. These programs have grown rapidly and are expected to continue to expand as the school continues to train and prepare more teachers to keep up with the expected growth in enrollments.

Source: Blackboard Inc.,

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