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Flipped Learning Network and Pearson Collaborate to Expand Professional Development Offerings for K-12 Teachers

Posted Jul 17, 2013
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The Flipped Learning Network and Pearson have unveiled “Foundations of Flipped Learning,” a new professional development offering based on the work of Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams, considered the pioneers of flipped learning. This new course, targeted at K-12 educators around the country, leverages a blended learning model of face-to-face and online training to prepare teachers to flip their classrooms.

The Flipped Learning model of instruction, while virtually unknown a few years ago, is gaining attention and adherents among teachers and administrators in American K-12 and postsecondary classrooms. In this model, some or most of direct instruction is delivered outside the group learning space using video or other modes of delivery. Class time, then, is available for students to engage in hands-on learning, collaborate with their peers, and evaluate their progress and for teachers to provide one-on-one assistance, guidance and inspiration. The shift is from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered learning environment.

Through a one-day, on-site workshop and 6-8 hours of online training, “Foundations of Flipped Learning” explores the four essential elements of this instructional strategy that have been identified by the Flipped Learning Network and Pearson based on the available literature: the four pillars of F-L-I-P -- Flexible Environment, Learning Culture, Intentional Content and Professional Educators.

The research supports what schools around the country report. In flipped classrooms, achievement increases, students are more engaged in learning and teachers reporter higher levels of job satisfaction. For a copy of the new literature review developed by the Flipped Learning Network, George Mason University and Pearson’s Center for Educator Effectiveness, click HERE.

Source: Flipped Learning Network,

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