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Facts On File’s Health Reference Center Gets New Content and Layout

Posted Mar 22, 2005
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Facts On File has announced significant changes to the structure of Health Reference Center as well as a substantial amount of new content.

The database is now divided into four main content areas: Conditions and Diseases; Mental Health; Health and Wellness; and Body Systems. Each content area is searchable and has an A-to-Z index that can be reached by clicking on a left menu link. A list of links on the home page allows the user to find more focused topics within each of the four main content areas. These overview pages provide an introduction to the topic and contain a Resource Menu that allows the user to find additional entries in the database on that topic, such as entries on related Organizations; Tests and Procedures; Prevalence and Statistics; and more. Users can also search these entries by keyword or browse using an A-to-Z index.

Special content features:

* Food Pyramid: On the Resources Menu of the Nutrition Overview page is a link to a clickable food pyramid. By clicking on a segment of the pyramid or on a food group name, the user can find a list of entries on the foods in each group.

* HIV and AIDS timeline: An HIV and AIDS timeline is accessible from the HIV and AIDS Overview page. This timeline traces key events and discoveries in the history of HIV/AIDS.

* Find a Medical Test: Clicking the Find a Test link on the left menu allows users to search a database of medical tests. An A-to-Z index is also available for browsing.

The following new features have been added:

* Boolean search capability

* Print page, e-mail page, and folder options from within each article.

New content in the Health Reference Center includes more than 20 Facts On File print titles, among them The Encyclopedia of Learning Disabilities and The Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, Second Edition.

Source: Facts On File,

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