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Facts On File Announces a New Look for Curriculum Resource Center

Posted Feb 13, 2007
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Facts On File, publisher of print and online reference materials for schools and libraries, has announced the new, improved Curriculum Resource Center. The extensive revamping includes a fresh new design and a considerable amount of new content.

Among the many changes included in this update of Curriculum Resource Center are:

* A new interface-The new home page has been redesigned to provide users with faster, more direct access to the database's content.
* New browsing categories-The content has been reorganized into the following categories for easy browsing: History, Government, Religion, Geography, Science, Math, and Health and Fitness.
* New record types for entries-Facts On File's editors have indexed the database's content so that users will be able to locate entries through more specific categories than before. Entries are now available in the following printable formats: fact sheets, images, timelines, maps, charts, activities, experiments, and diagrams.
* Highly visual browse tools-The enhanced browse tools bring forward the database's content in a well-organized and visual manner. Records are displayed in a gallery format to allow users to preview the entries.
* New tabbed search results-Search results are now organized within tabs by subject area, such as history, government, religion, geography, science, math, and health and fitness. Results are listed by relevancy and displayed by record type, including fact sheet, image, timeline, map, chart, activity, experiment, and diagram.
* New content-New content includes hundreds of new fact sheets, timelines, and full-color experiments, covering topics such as world history, science, and many more.
* Helpful "Tips" link-The "Tips" link on the top left menu offers useful tips on how to search the database.
* Improved saved items folder-Users can now save entries either for one session (without logging in) or for multiple sessions (after logging in). User status is displayed on the top bar.

For ordering, pricing, or other information, contact the Online Sales Department at

Source: Facts On File,

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