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Facts On File Announces Launch of U.S. Government Online

Posted Apr 3, 2009
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Facts On File has announced the launch of the new U.S. Government Online—a new reference site designed to facilitate the study of the structure and function of the U.S. government. Focused and thorough in its coverage, this resource provides students and researchers with tools to understand how the U.S. government works, who the key players are, and what its role is in the everyday lives of citizens. Targeted at civics and social studies classrooms and projects, the online resource features an easy-to-navigate interface, allowing students to fine-tune specific search topics for the core curriculum, the announcement states. 

Among the features of U.S. Government Online are the following:

* Gateway Pages: informative introductory pages featuring links to overview essays and key entries, tables and graphs, images, and more on various aspects of the government—as well as an original, focused video segment

* Essays: articles on a broad range of topics, from the political process to foreign policy to federal agencies

* Primary Sources: inaugural speeches, official party platforms, and more providing context for government procedure and events

* Images and Videos: images and videos with captions covering key topics about the U.S. government

* Tables, Charts, and Maps: charts, graphs, and maps, as well as informative tables illustrating everything from electoral college votes for all elections to congressional sessions and members of Congress

* News Articles: relevant, regularly updated news articles on a variety of topics dealing with government issues, searchable and also browsable by date or by subtopic

* Special Features: specially selected features highlighting important moments, themes, and concepts in the history and function of the American government. Rotating spotlights include the 200th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth and a focus on women in Congress.


For ordering, pricing, or other information, contact the Online Sales Department at 800-322-8755 or at


Source: Facts on File,

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