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FETC News: Hotmath Tutoring Plus Offers Schools Affordable Math Support

Posted Jan 21, 2009
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Hotmath, Inc. has debuted Hotmath Tutoring Plus, a new service that combines step-by-step problem solutions from actual math textbooks with live online math tutoring, offering schools an economical way to boost student support and improve achievement in mathematics.

Hotmath Tutoring Plus links to a live math tutor only after a student first has reviewed the problem solutions and review lessons. This enables schools to stretch their funding, while providing students with an improved level of support, according to the announcement. In addition, a student is more likely to seek help when he or she knows that in addition to online support, a tutor is available if needed. Schools can use Hotmath Tutoring Plus to assist students in afterschool programs, remediation classes, and credit recovery programs.

The first level of support available to students through Hotmath Tutoring Plus includes step-by-step solutions to odd-numbered homework problems in popular math textbooks. The service covers textbooks used by more than 90 percent of today's middle school, high school and college classrooms

If a student needs additional help, the second level of support offered through Hotmath Tutoring Plus is live online math tutoring. For questions on homework, or help when studying, the student can click the "Ask-a-Tutor" button 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to discuss the problem with a math tutor. Communication takes place online through an interactive whiteboard where visual aids such as drawings, graphs and mathematical steps can be displayed.

Annual school subscriptions for Hotmath Tutoring Plus start at 75 cents per student, plus $19 per hour for live online math tutoring. Individual subscriptions to Hotmath start at $49 per year plus $20 for each 50 minutes of live online math tutoring.

For more information on Hotmath and the company's services, visit

Source: Hotmath, Inc.,

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