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Evanced Solutions Launches Beta Version of Wandoo Planet

Posted Jan 24, 2014
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Evanced Solutions, a library software developer, has announced the release of the beta version of the world’s first kid-powered interest genome project, Wandoo Planet. The subsidiary of Demco is seeking children, parents, educators and librarians to beta test the online platform—which will be widely available this spring as a free app—and provide their feedback.

The software empowers children ages 6-14 to explore their keenest interests by playing an interest-finding game. After they’ve decided on a few interests, they can then discover relevant books and movies via a personalized recommendation engine. Because Wandoo Planet is driven by an “adaptive learning system” algorithm, the more kids use the software, the “smarter” it will become—and the better its recommendations will be for all the kids who use it.

In the interest-finding game, kids are offered topics and activities that other kids have found to be interesting—from “Twilight” and unicorns to dirt biking, superheroes and everything in between. Kids then decide if they love, like or dislike what they see. Once they have identified a few interests they love—or want to explore further—their own interest sapling starts to grow into an interest tree with individual branches representing each interest. The branches then start to bud with suggested kid-friendly content that directly relates to users’ interests. As kids read and explore, interest branches grow leaves. Future versions of Wandoo Planet will connect directly to some libraries’ children’s collection holdings.

To help get the word out about Wandoo Planet, Evanced Solutions will kick off its Banish Boredom Tour this February. During the four-month-long road trip, the company will travel nearly 20,000 miles to visit libraries across the U.S.

To become a beta tester for Wandoo Planet, visit Sign-up for children younger than 13 requires adult assistance.

Source: Evanced Solutions,

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