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Elluminate, Inc. Announces Increased Support for Anytime, Anywhere Learning and Collaboration

Posted Oct 29, 2008
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Elluminate, Inc. has announced that the Elluminate Learning Suite now includes Elluminate Live! V9 and Elluminate Publish! V2, adding functionality that enables educators to reach and engage more learners, promote a culture of collaboration across the enterprise, facilitate formal and informal learning, and ensure accessibility and flexibility for all users, according to the company. The new products extend the reach of and expand access to current academic infrastructure, such as integrating video podcasts into a learning management system or enabling the use of existing audio conferencing within a real-time, online session.


Elluminate Live! V9 enhancements include the following:

• Simultaneous multipoint video displayed in up to six live video windows with synchronized instructor-controlled viewing


• Instant in-session invitations sent via email or instant messaging to get people in the right place at the right time for ad-hoc collaboration, even those on a mobile phone


• Integrated vendor-neutral teleconferencing that can be used on its own or in conjunction with Elluminate’s no-fee VoIP. All audio is included in the interactive session recording, ensuring that all participants’ contributions to the learning experience are captured.


In addition, Elluminate will offer affordable reservation-less teleconferencing from Premiere Global Services for purchase to provide further convenience and flexibility to its customers.


Elluminate Publish! V2 now includes multimedia movie production that enables users to convert Elluminate Live! session recordings to video podcasts, which capture shared applications, whiteboard content, chat transcripts, closed captioning, and all audio, including telephony. Users can view these interactive recordings on portable devices without being connected to Elluminate. For example, a student can view a missed lecture on an iPod or iPhone while on the subway.

Source: Elluminate, Inc.,

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