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Elluminate Announces Additions, Enhancements to Elluminate Learning Suite

Posted May 28, 2009
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Elluminate, Inc. has announced the newest additions to its family of web, video, and audio social learning solutions.  The Elluminate Learning Suite now includes Elluminate Live! V9.5, Elluminate Plan! V2, and enhancements to Elluminate Bridges for learning management system integrations.


With the Elluminate Learning Suite, administrators can meet student demands, leverage limited instructor resources, provide sustainable professional development, create a culture of collaboration, and promote technology adoption system wide, while reducing travel and infrastructure costs, the announcement states.  At the same time, educators can more easily make the transition from the physical to virtual classroom and facilitate a quality learning experience with session planning, live interaction, and on-demand recordings.


Enhancements to Elluminate Live! V9.5 include:

* Improved audio fidelity and reduced audio time lag for high-bandwidth users, along with higher video frame rates with reduced video bandwidth requirements.

* Enhanced teaching tools, including refreshed user interface, redesigned whiteboard text editor, drag-and-drop graphical screen explorer, application sharing configuration preferences, recording reminder, and streamlined recording playback

* More robust breakout functionality with ability to drag and drop participants to and from rooms for easy distribution. Instructors can quickly copy content to selected or all rooms and easily move student

* Expanded accessibility for the visually impaired with audio notifications of recording start and stop, improved navigation for screen reader users, and option to include speaker notes in whiteboard slides for screen reader narration

* Added support for users worldwide with Ubuntu Linux client, streamlined deployment of multiple languages without disruption to localized users, and ability to display local telephone number formats outside of North America for audio conferencing integration

* Client user interface enhancements, including modernized graphical icons and more intuitive placement of polling response options. 


Elluminate Plan! V2 is designed for organizing, scripting, and packaging content and activities before the live session. Elluminate Plan! now includes:

* Expanded command set to build in even more interactivity

* Ability to set session parameters for easy automatic setup before class begins

* Drag-and-drop construction and editing that facilitates plan development

* Plan validation tool that enables self-service troubleshooting and cuts development time 


Elluminate Bridges now include support for:

* ANGEL Learning Management Suite 7.3 and 7.4

* Blackboard Learning System - Enterprise 7 or higher, including Release 9

* Blackboard Learning System - CE Enterprise 6 or higher

* Blackboard Learning System - Vista Enterprise 4 or higher


Elluminate Live! V9.5, Elluminate Plan! V2, and the enhanced Elluminate Bridge for ANGEL Learning will be generally available in July.  The enhanced Elluminate Bridges for Blackboard are available now, while the new Elluminate Bridge for Desire2Learn will be available later this year.


Source:  Elluminate, Inc.,

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