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Education Technology Pioneers Announced as Winners of SIIA Innovation Incubator Program

Posted May 5, 2015
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The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) showcased some of the newest and most innovative products in the education technology market, and recognized the best among them as part of the Innovation Incubator program at the Education Industry Summit, the leading conference for the K-12 and post secondary education technology market, held May 3-5 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Award Winners:

· Most Likely to Succeed: Vidcode, Vidcode

· Most Innovative: Vidcode, Vidcode


· Most Likely to Succeed Runner-Up: TAO, Open Assessment Technologies

· Most Innovative Runner-Up: 3D Deep-Zoom Interactive Educational Content, Corinth

More than 50 applicants were assessed for the Innovation Incubator program on a broad range of criteria. They were judged by both industry leaders and educators in classrooms around the globe. Ten participants and one alternate were selected as finalists for the program, and the winners were judged by the ed tech leaders at the Education Industry Summit.

The full list of finalists:

· Adobe Voice, Adobe

· CAP IT!, CAP IT! Learning

· eCarrot, eBravium

· EdProtect, Education Framework Inc.

· Junction, Junction Education

· LabMS Suite, Infinite Octopus

· Propagate Vocabulary, Propagate, Inc.

· TAO, Open Assessment Technologies

· Tilton’s Algebra, TiltonTec

· Vidcode,Vidcode


· 3D Deep-Zoom Interactive Educational Content, Corinth

The SIIA Innovation Incubator Program identifies and supports entrepreneurs in their development and distribution of innovative learning technologies. The program began in 2006 and has provided support for dozens of successful products and companies in their efforts to improve education through the use of software, digital content, and related technologies. The program is open to applicants from academic and non-profit institutions, pre-revenue and early-stage companies, as well as established companies with newly developed technologies.

Source: SIIA,

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