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Edmentum Unveils New Platform for Targeted Learning

Posted Jun 24, 2013
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Edmentum has debuted its new student-achievement platform Edmentum Sensei. The platform delivers a real-time picture of student progress by managing performance data from Edmentum’s online learning solutions and providing insightful charts, graphs and other visuals. This gives educators greater visibility into student achievement and enables them to incorporate more data-driven decisions into the learning process.

Educators can use Edmentum Sensei to track student engagement, subject mastery, recent activity, grades and other data in just a few clicks. Information can be monitored at any level – from an individual student or class to a specific grade level or an entire school – to help educators identify needs or patterns, measure growth, and glean insights. Edmentum Sensei is optimized for laptops and mobile devices for “anytime, anywhere” use.

Edmentum Sensei will be available to schools and districts later this year for Edmentum’s Plato Courseware online curriculum and Edmentum Assessments. The platform will eventually encompass all of Edmentum’s prekindergarten through post-secondary online learning solutions.

In addition to automated data collecting and student-progress monitoring, teachers can communicate with students using Edmentum Sensei to answer questions, comment on their work or help them through problems. Teachers also can use it to deliver assignments or assign work to individuals in subject areas they may be struggling with.

Source: Edmentum Inc.,

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