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Edgenuity Introduces New Suite of Courses

Posted May 23, 2016
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Edgenuity, a provider of online and blended learning solutions, has announced a new suite of career and elective courses that help keep students motivated and excited about learning. Available as part of Edgenuity’s Instructional Services, students can take greater control of their learning experience by pursuing their unique areas of interest – from archeology to social media.

These courses give students access to subjects not available in many traditional high school settings. Students of Edgenuity schools and districts can now access a full suite of courses including:

* Archaeology: Explore the relationship of material items to culture and what we can learn about past societies from these items.

* Culinary Arts: Hone cooking skills and get the opportunity to explore careers in the culinary industry.

* Forensic Science: Follow evidence trails and examine how various elements of the crime scene are analyzed and processed.

* Personal & Family Finance: Learn more about topics such as taxation, financial institutions, credit, and money management.

* Public Speaking: Learn what makes a truly successful speech and put that knowledge to practical use.

* Social Media: Learn the ins and outs of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, which can be essential the age of digital communication.

* World Religions: Trace the major developments in these religions and explore their relationships with social institutions and culture.

Source: Edgenuity,

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