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Ed Tech in Teacher Ed Programs for Initial Licensure

Posted Dec 6, 2007
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Teacher education programs for initial licensure are oriented toward preparing teacher candidates to use educational technology, according to a report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

The report details findings from a survey titled “Educational Technology in Teacher Education Programs for Initial Licensure.”

The survey indicates that about half of all institutions with teacher education programs for initial licensure offered three or four credit stand alone courses in educational technology in their programs. In addition, many institutions also teach ed tech within methods courses (93 percent), within field experiences of teacher candidates (79 percent), and within content courses (71 percent).

Large majorities of institutions agreed (strongly or somewhat) that their program graduates possess the skills and experience to integrate technology into instruction and can construct project-based learning lessons involving educational technology.

Institutions reported a variety of barriers that impeded efforts to prepare teacher candidates to use educational technology within program coursework and field experiences.

Among the field experience barriers were competing priorities in the classroom (74 percent), available technology infrastructure in the schools (73 percent), and lack of training or skill (64 percent), time (62 percent), and willingness on the part of supervising teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms (53 percent).

The complete report is available online as a pdf file at  


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