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ETS Renames ICT Literacy Assessment and Introduces New Institutional Score Reports

Posted Apr 18, 2007
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ETS has announced that it has changed the name of its ICT Literacy Assessment to the iSkill assessment and is also introducing new, customizable score reports for institutions.

The iSkills assessment is a simulation-based test designed to measure information and communication technology (ICT) literacy, that is, a student's ability to navigate, critically evaluate, and communicate information using digital technology, communication tools and networks. During the 75-minute assessment, college and high school students are asked to perform 15 information problem-solving tasks—such as researching a topic from a database, identifying authoritative and unbiased Web sites, or composing an email summary of research findings.

ETS is introducing two new score reports for institutions, which will give comparative data so that institutions can compare their students' performance with students from like institutions. The "Institutional Skill Area Report" reports performance on multiple ICT literacy skill areas and compares the institution performance to that of a reference group. The "Aggregate Task Performance Feedback Report" presents data on how students performed on each of the components of the tasks. The reports are customizable to an institution's preferences. This includes the attributes of the institution's population and selection of a reference group with which the institution will be compared. Reports are free for institutions that test more than 50 students.

For more information about ETS's iSkills assessment and to view an online demo, visit

Source: ETS,

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