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ETS Launches Core Version of its ICT Literacy Assessment

Posted Apr 14, 2006
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ETS has announced that 7,000 students at more than 38 four-year institutions, community colleges, and high schools nationwide are taking the new Core version of its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy Assessment. Institutions that meet minimum requirements can administer the test free of charge until May 5.

The ICT Literacy Assessment is a simulation-based test designed to measure a student's ability to use critical thinking to define, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and communicate information in a technological environment. Test takers are asked to perform 15 information management tasks—such as extracting information from a database, developing a spreadsheet, or composing an e-mail summary of research findings—in approximately 75 minutes.

The Core level of the test is designed for high school seniors and first-year students at community colleges and four-year institutions. ETS also offers an Advanced level, designed for rising juniors at four-year institutions and students transitioning from two-year to four-year institutions.

Only high school seniors and first-year college students can take the assessment during this first test administration. ETS is offering the assessment for free to schools that commit to testing a minimum of 100 students by May 5 and that meet minimum technological requirements.

For more information about the ETS ICT Literacy Assessment and to view an online demo, visit

Source: ETS,

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