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ETS Launches ‘50 Great’ Teacher Retention Initiative

Posted Dec 11, 2006
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ETS has announced the launch of a new recognition program to support teacher retention. The company is seeking corporate sponsors to join its 50 Great program, which will recognize 50 outstanding new teachers in each state with a maximum of one year of classroom experience. Applicants will be selected to receive awards based on academic achievement, exemplary new teacher performance, and their decision to enter the teaching profession.

ETS says the program is a first step in addressing the reality that nearly a quarter of new teachers leave the profession before their third year of teaching, according to the National Center on Educational Statistics (NCES). At the same time, other studies predict that while 2.7 million newly hired public school teachers will be required in the next decade, 30 to 50 percent of new teachers will leave the profession within their first five years because they lack support.

ETS's Scholarship & Recognition Programs (SRP) unit will design and administer this customized education recognition program on behalf of participating companies and organizations.

ETS will develop the program, including eligibility requirements and criteria for application. SRP will also oversee selection, award distribution and administrative elements of the program as well as coordination of teacher mentoring resources and professional development materials distribution.

Teachers who are selected for the 50 Great program will also be provided a copy of the Take One! professional development resource produced by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The Take One! resource introduces new teachers to professional teaching standards and their impact on student achievement through the creation and reflective analysis of a video portfolio demonstrating classroom practice. 

For additional information on the 50 Great program, contact Linda Soltes, Product Manager, at 609-683-2708 or

Source: ETS,

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