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EPals Drops Subscription Fees for SchoolMail, SchoolBlog, and Online Literacy Curriculum

Posted Sep 10, 2007
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Internet learning community ePals, Inc. has announced it has made its policy-managed SchoolMail, SchoolBlog, and online literacy curricula services available free of charge to schools worldwide.

ePals' connectivity tools and digital literacy curricula include the following:

- SchoolMail, an integrated email service in use in schools around the world. SchoolMail offers teacher-monitored email to ensure secure usage; a built-in instant translation matrix for 72 language pairs; file sharing and spell checking; virus and spam filters; and easily-accessed manuals and tutorials.

- SchoolBlog is a literacy education tool for teaching students to express their ideas, collaborate with other students and teachers, and involve parents in a secure online environment. SchoolBlog builds literacy skills, exposes students to a real audience, and encourages cultural idea exchange on a global basis, according to the announcement. Message boards are teacher-supervised to ensure that emails and blogs circulate exclusively in the educational environment.

- In2Books, an evidence-based literacy curriculum ( developed by a team of national literacy experts, provides an online learning experience built around a pen-pal dialogue between a student and an adult mentor. Independent studies have shown that students participating in In2Books significantly outperform other students in standardized reading tests, and increase critical thinking and writing proficiency.

All of ePals' tools are optimized for policy-managed security standards so that each school district or campus can regulate student interactions with the site based on its own specific Internet policies.

For more information on ePals and company services, visit

Source: ePals,

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