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EDUCAUSE Publishes Free E-Book on Educating the Net Generation

Posted Feb 24, 2005
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EDUCAUSE has announced publication of its first e-book, "Educating the Net Generation," edited by Diana G. Oblinger, vice president of EDUCAUSE and director of the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLII), and James L. Oblinger, chancellor of North Carolina State University. The e-book is available online, at no charge, in PDF and HTML formats and is downloadable in its entirety or chapter-by-chapter--as are its multimedia resources--at

The Net Generation has grown up with information technology. We develop programs, offer services, and invest in IT to meet student needs and expectations, but do we really understand them? This collection explores the Net Gen and implications for institutional action in such areas as instruction, service, learning spaces, faculty development, and curriculum. Beyond educators talking about the Net Generation, the e-book also includes students speaking for themselves.

Specific chapters in "Educating the Net Generation" include:

* First Steps to Understanding the Net Generation

* Technology and Learning Expectations of the Net Generation

* Using Technology as a Learning Tool, Not Just the Cool New Thing

* The Student's Perspective

* Preparing the Academy of Today for the Learner of Tomorrow

* Support Services for the Net Generation

* Faculty Development for the Net Generation

* Learning Spaces

* Net Generation Students and Libraries

* Planning for Neomillennial Learning Styles: Implications for Investments in Technology and Faculty

"This e-book offers an insightful look into the way today's students think about and use technology in their academic and social lives. It will help institutional leaders help their students to become more successful and satisfied," said President John Hitt of the University of Central Florida.

In addition to all chapters in "Educating the Net Generation," the e-book Web site has links to video files, a student panel podcast, recommended readings, other learning resource Web sites, and commercial printing services.

Karen Holbrook, president of The Ohio State University, connects this e-book to the core learning enterprise: "‘Educating the Net Generation' illuminates a topic most of us in higher education are wrestling with: Today's students are different; they're much more technosavvy in their lives, but they still like personal contact. Both can be accommodated with the thoughtful use of technology in learning. Anyone interested in providing the best education possible can use this as a first step in reflecting on what the Net Generation means for their campus."


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