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EBSCO and EOS International Partner to Enhance Library Discovery

Posted Jul 24, 2013
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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) has announced a new partnership with EOS International, a cloud computing library automation software company. According to the announcement, the partnership will bring more choice to libraries looking for a discovery solution. A joint development schedule will enable more tightly integrated access between EBSCO Discovery Service and EOS International’s suite of ILS systems benefiting mutual customers and continuing EBSCO’s partnership initiatives.

Providing access to EDS’s unified index will expand the quality and amount of content available for EOS users, adding the enhanced features and functionality available from EDS. The partnership offers library end users a choice of interfaces to begin their research creating an intuitive unified search experience.

EDS has become the discovery service for thousands of educational institutions around the world. EDS provides a full-featured experience for end users bringing together a comprehensive index and a single search approach while also offering a true academic and powerful environment in order to facilitate a comprehensive discovery experience.

Source: EBSCO,

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