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EBSCO Publishing Releases EBSCOhost Collection Manager

Posted Apr 25, 2012
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EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has announced the release of EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM). ECM can be used to search or browse for ebooks and audiobooks by title, author, publisher and more or make selections from the Subject Sets or Featured Collections created by EBSCO's collection development experts. ECM can also help libraries create and manage lists of titles they want to expose to patron drive acquisition (PDA), manage deposits and determine which ownership models to apply to the various ebooks and audiobooks in their collection.

EBSCOhost Collection Manager allows staff to be designated as selectors or approvers and lets them build lists and modify their requests based on their budgets. ECM can be used to determine which titles to purchase outright through the available access models and to select which titles to expose to end users through PDA.

ECM users can establish lists based on subjects and allow the collection development staff (selectors) to specify which titles are needed while the approvers maintain the right to make purchasing decisions. Since ECM is also used to set up and maintain a library's PDA program and manage the deposits, librarians can use it to add additional content to the library catalog and allow patron interest to drive acquisition.

As ECM expands, it will also be used to manage profiles, lease options and Smart PDA - which allows patron usage to trigger access upgrades or leases, ensuring end users never encounter an ebook or audiobook that is "checked out" while also helping libraries keep their ebook and audiobook costs in check.

More information is available at: or

Source: EBSCO Publishing,

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