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EBSCO Publishing Redesigns Searchasaurus Interface

Posted Jan 24, 2007
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EBSCO Publishing has announced the release of the redesigned Searchasaurus interface. Since its inception nearly 10 years ago, Searchasaurus has been offering an age-appropriate research environment for use in elementary schools and children's rooms in public libraries. The newly revised interface builds upon the attributes of the original version while incorporating new ideas including those offered by EBSCO's customers, advisory boards, and software council.

This new interface provides young researchers with simple options to begin their exploration whether through topical navigation or keyword searching. An enhanced spell-checker helps students to become more proficient with their vocabulary. In addition, the start page now provides easy access to a large library of pictures, a Visual Search feature, as well as a "Top Searches" section for users to quickly find information on popular research topics.

Searchasaurus supports children's databases from EBSCO including Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, and the Encyclopedia of Animals. Content comprising these databases includes children's magazines, encyclopedias, books, images, photos, maps, flags, and more. Search results offer a combination of text and graphics for students to gain the most benefit from each record retrieved through Searchasaurus.

For more information on EBSCO's databases for young researchers, visit

Source: EBSCO Publishing,

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