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DyKnow Teams Up with Gateway to Offer Teaching and Learning Solution

Posted May 10, 2006
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DyKnow has announced that PC company Gateway will package and sell DyKnow software with its learning services and hardware products. This includes Gateway's convertible notebooks that combine the features of a standard notebook with those of pen computing.

This announcement was made after the recent unveiling of the Gateway M285-E convertible notebook and the impending release of DyKnow version 4.2. The two companies provide educators with an opportunity to combine the most recent Gateway Tablet PC series with the next release of complementary DyKnow software, according to the announcement. 

Teachers use DyKnow Vision software to transmit content to student computers for annotation. Students' personalized notes can be added, saved, and replayed at a later date for review. DyKnow Monitor software reduces electronic distraction by displaying thumbnails of student screens, blocking applications, blanking screens, and monitoring in wireless environments, the announcement states.

As a reseller of DyKnow software, Gateway expects to bring significant value to its customers, including schools pursuing one-to-one computing programs with ubiquitous wireless access to enhance learning. By sharing customers and resources, DyKnow and Gateway hope to foster a growing network of innovative educators. 

For more information about DyKnow version 4.2 software, visit More information about Gateway's education solutions can be found at

Source: DyKnow,

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