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DyKnow Releases New Version of DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor Software

Posted Jul 20, 2005
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DyKnow has released version 4.1 of its DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor software with major enhancements, including desktop broadcasting, filmstrip view, domain-based authentication and more efficient communications.

DyKnow Vision enables educators to present prepared or spontaneous lesson notes that appear on computers in front of students. Students can simply add their individual personalized notes to create a more robust electronic notebook, according to the announcement. DyKnow Monitor gives teachers the ability to monitor and control student computers during class.

Version 4.1 makes lesson creation easier for teachers and note-taking more personalized for students, the announcement states. Two of software enhancements include demonstration mode and panel filmstrip viewer, which are designed to create improved methods for teachers to prepare and present lessons.

With demonstration mode, either the teacher or a student can broadcast any application in real-time through DyKnow Vision. For example, a teacher can work with Web design software within DyKnow software, broadcasting each click of the mouse to student computer screens. Screen shots of the demonstration can be captured and inserted into student DyKnow notebooks for annotation.

The new panel filmstrip viewer allows educators to see several panels of a notebook at one time and present panels in any order during the session. Teachers can use DyKnow Vision's new prepared notes navigator in combination with the panel filmstrip viewer to easily preview prepared content before transmitting to students.

Version 4.1 also improves system management and moves towards tighter integration with other applications by introducing domain-based authentication. Users can sign onto DyKnow products with the same password information they use to log onto a computer on the institution's network. DyKnow administrators no longer need to manage duplicate sets of user information. With this enhancement, users may sign on and save personal DyKnow preferences, such as ink color, toolbar location, and customized application blocking plans, from any networked machine.

 Additional features in the release include a more intuitive start page, an expanded help utility, improved security for exams, more efficient wireless communication, and multiple DPI setting support.

Version 4.1 client software is available for immediate download at A streaming video demonstration of the Dyknow interactive system and software can be viewed from

Source: DyKnow,

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