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DyKnow Announces Integration with Blackboard Platform

Posted Mar 26, 2007
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DyKnow has announced its planned software integration with the Blackboard Learning System. This integration is scheduled for May 2007 with the release of the DyKnow Vision and Monitor software versions 5.0.

DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor software utilizes class rosters. The integration of DyKnow and Blackboard software will facilitate information authentication between the two systems. When launched, DyKnow users will be able to sign on with credentials that are checked against their Blackboard server. The information garnered from the Blackboard system, including user ID, name, and associated course enrollments, will then be used to synchronize both the Blackboard and DyKnow servers.

DyKnow Vision software fosters interaction through collaborative note taking, student response tools, content replay, and anywhere, anytime access. DyKnow Monitor software reduces electronic distraction by displaying thumbnails of student screens, blocking applications, blanking screens, and monitoring in wireless environments.

To preview DyKnow Vision and Monitor 5.0, visit

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