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DreamBox Learning Announces Common Core State Standards Alignment Tool

Posted Aug 17, 2011
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DreamBox Learning has announced the release of its Common Core State Standards Report. The new feature allows all educators using the DreamBox Learning K-3 Math platform to view a real-time report on individual student progress against the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). 

As students complete lessons in DreamBox, teachers can now access the Common Core State Standards Report directly from the DreamBox Learning Dashboard. The report supports and complements any basal math curriculum and will allow educators to see in real-time how any student in the class is doing compared to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

DreamBox Learning K-3 Math aligns with the CCSSM in the areas of Counting and Cardinality; Comparing; Operations and Algebraic Thinking; and Number and Operations in Base Ten. The Common Core State Standards is a set of state-led mathematics and language arts education standards for grades K-12. Since its inception last year, 44 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands have adopted Common Core State Standards for curriculum.

Further extending its support of CCSSM implementation, DreamBox Learning has made available a set of free Virtual Manipulatives, which are designed to address the domains and the Standards for Mathematical Practice reflected in the CCSSM.

Source: DreamBox Learning,

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