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Discovery Updates unitedstreaming

Posted Aug 12, 2005
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Discovery Education improved its unitedstreaming digital video learning resource with new content, improved network management tools, and new interactive training and assessment features.

The new edition of unitedstreaming includes hundreds of new videos, closed-captioning for more than 900 video titles, and dynamic bibliographic citations for all video titles in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style formats. Additional features provide user ratings to allow a peer point of reference and recommendation, 2,000 new geography images, 27,000 encyclopedia articles, and 200 lesson plans correlated to videos in science, math, social studies, language arts, art, and music.

The expanded Teacher Center offers self-paced interactive courses for staff development credit, access to weekly live webinar sessions with certified trainers covering a variety of technology topics, and a Trainers' Toolkit with materials and information for teacher trainers to use in assisting others.

Improved Server Manager, Network Manager, and Upload Manager software help deliver the online content quickly and efficiently.

A new Assignment Builder feature scheduled to debut by the end of August will enable teachers to create complete student assignments based around unitedstreaming content. A new Student Center will allow students to access assignments and quizzes with a unique ID and submit completed materials to their teachers.

Licensing is available at a cost of $995/year per K-8 school and $1,495/year for high schools.

Discovery Education, 800/323-9084 or

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