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Discovery Education Introduces New Multimedia Learning Products in Key Subject Areas

Posted Oct 18, 2006
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Discovery Education has announced the addition of more than 150 new VHS, DVD, and CD-ROM titles to its Discovery School line of multimedia educational products. The titles include engaging animated series for math, social studies, and language arts curricula. The new Discovery School products offer educational content in formats all teachers can use in their classrooms. New titles available for Fall 2006 include the following:


Number Crew - This animated math series targets students in grades K-1, introducing them to the concepts of numbers, place value, shapes, and patterns. Featuring sing-along audio, 3-D animation, interactive software, and graphic learning tools, the episodes can be viewed in English or Spanish. The CD-ROM format also includes software for student assessments.

Language Arts:

Pendemonium - This series, meant for students in grades 3-8, follows the activities of the "pentastic" foursome - seemingly ordinary writing implements named Florentina, Arturo, Buzz, and Penny - as they try to stop Dark Marker from taking over the world by solving clues based on good grammar. Discovery School also offers a comprehensive elementary language arts video series that covers all the key areas of curriculum: reading, writing, viewing skills, listening and speaking skills, and media literacy.

Social Studies:
Journals Through History - Social studies teachers and their students in grades 3-5 can explore the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China through the eyes of kids whose journals offer a guided tour of their countries. Part history, part geography, and part journal writing, these animated series are designed to make the ancient world relevant to today's students.

Elements of Science - This series covers biology, chemistry, and physics for students in grades 9-12. Each segment of the multi-part programs introduces learners to a key concept in a way that's easy to understand and interesting to watch, according to the announcement.
Students in grades 3-5 and 6-8 take detailed looks at the plant kingdom in the Science of Plants 3-Packs, which explore the diversity of the plant kingdom and the processes behind plant growth and reproduction.

The Discovery School product line covers a broad range of core-curricular topics in subject areas for elementary and secondary education, and all Discovery School products are correlated to state standards and include complete lesson plans, MARC Records, and closed captioning for easy integration into existing curriculum. Specific content, ordering, and pricing information is available at

Source: Discovery Education,

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